About us

Gina Kolobaric

Qigong Facilitator
Armit Yoga Teacher - Level 1
Sound Bowl Meditation
Sound Healing
Anaphylaxis and First Aid
Reiki 1
Reiki 2 Practitioner
Ear Candling

Gina's Journey

I have always been interested in the alternative ways of life. I love practicing yoga and started the practice in 1999, then being introduced to Qigong I attended my first Qigong class with Opensky Qigong in 2009. I was hooked than became a Opensky Qigong Facilitator. Peter and I started our own regular weekly Qigong classes in our home studio in 2011, and since then we run level 1 and open Qigong classes.

Reiki is another passion, which I feel is so similar to Qigong. I love to add Crystals and Singing bowls and Gongs to my Reiki sessions.

I remember going to a Sound Bath in Fitzroy and was blown away by the pure power, vibration and energy that I received. I wanted more. After being given a Tibetan Singing Bowl by a friend. Practicing and going to different Sound Baths around Melbourne, I wanted to hold my own sound bowl meditations.

We started having our own weekly Sound Singing Bowl and Gong Meditations included with our Qigong Classes, create beautiful energy that is so profound and unique, helping to balance your mind, body and spirit. we have been holding regular Sacred Sound Workshops ever since.

* Currently I am training under Opensky Qigong - training since 2009.
* Attending and facilitating regularly at Opensky Qigong Workshops and Retreats
* Teaching Opensky Qigong Facilitator since 2012

  • Reiki and Qigong practitioner
  • 2006: Ear Candling course
  • 2013: Reiki 1 - Restore Naturally - Sarah Haffar
  • 2014: Reiki 2 - Restore Naturally - Sarah Haffar
  • 2015: Completed Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • 2015: Completed Level 1 and Level 2 Singing Bowl Mediation and Sound Vibration Training
  • 2016: Completed Level 1 Amrit Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) Prana House
  • 2016: Competed Level 1 and Level 2 Tibetan Traditional Sound Healing - Venerable Lobsang Tendar

Peter Kolobaric

Qigong Facilitator
Remedial Massage
Gong Pracitioner
Gong Therapist
Sound Bowl Meditation
First Aid
Hot Stone Massage
Swedish Massage

Peter's Journey

My journey began in 1995, having had chronic pain throughout my body, being a bricklayer and my life style didn't help, having explored the dark side of life. I was feeling depressed inside a bubble. I started doing yoga in Perth, I was very stiff and slowly my body started to open up and then I was introduced to qigong. With my practicing of Yoga and Qigong I realised the breath is the key to all practices.

In 1999 I met Gina who I married and have 2 children. I've been regularly doing Yoga and Qigong around Melbourne. In 2008 l started practicing with Opensky Qigong, then adding to and extending my knowledge to practice with Ziran Qigong. I became a Opensky Qigong Facilitator, then continued to become a Ziran Qigong Facilitator. My Qigong classes combine a mixture of Opensky Qigong and Ziran Qigong.

  • 1996: Swedish Massage, Perth
  • 1999: 2 week Qigong Course, Mantak Chia, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 1999: 1 month, Yoga Training, India
  • 2011: Hot stone massage
  • 2014: Reiki 1
  • 2014: Perth Qigong Training-Ziran Qigong
  • 2015: 15 day Qigong Training, Fujian South China, Ziran Qigong
  • 2016: Reiki 2
  • 2017: Completed Diploma Remedial Massage at MIMT
  • 2018: Completed Gong Practitioner under Mehtab Benton
  • 2018: Completed Gong Therapist under Mehtab Benton